Hairy Bikers

Hairy Bikers holding big fish

I watched the show “Hairy Bikers” on the History Channel today, and I was struck by a couple of things.

First; how can this be a show and Chris and I cannot get a show of our own.

Second; it was a pretty good show. These guys ride around the country checking out different foods. And they have fun doing it.

Today they went looking for hot chili burgers. (Chris should go nuts right about here)

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They explained the Scoville Scale and tried different types of peppers, and learned how to make chili sauce. A couple of recipes for the chili sauce were pretty good. In one case they made a sauce that equaled 10 million Scovilles.

They also learned how to cut a side of beef into steaks and ground beef. A contest between them showed who could cut the best steak, who could eat the hottest pepper, and who could act the most like Chris.

You can check out the recipes, past shows, and schedule here.

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