We Need Hecklers!

Dave and Chris will be appearing live at Orland Park Library. Dave will give a book away for free to the first person to yell Chris loves alpacas! You have Electronic Cigarette to yell it after the program begins. It should be a fun time, so come out to the meet the author event. For more information, go to Orland Park Library

One thought on “We Need Hecklers!

  1. You guys were great at the Orland Park Public Library book reading this evening. I (in the blue turtleneck and dark hair) was roaring with laughter at the quips and stories you both told. I hope to find your book in the library soon.

    I glanced through your book and read quite a few humorous passages. You both are talented writers, presenters and, may I say, full of humor.

    I enjoyed your presentation very much! I didn’t get a chance to ask at the reading, but how did each of you get your nicknames?

    No one yelled, “Chris loves alpacas.” But it was a lot of fun! Thanks, guys!

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