Where Would You go to Lunch?

If you had been in the hospital for three months, where you go to eat when you got out?
I remember when my wife got out of the hospital when our son was born she really wanted a McDonald’s cheeseburger. Granted, she had given up alcohol, cigarettes, and ate healthy for nine months so she had 3 times as much junk food withdrawal and can be excused.
In my selena gomez pokies case I have been eating hospital food for three months. I’m getting out Tuesday after mastering my wheelchair and my walker. I will hopefully get out in time for a nice lunch with my wonderful wife, but where to go? The closest places will be Brickhouse for wings, maybe Vaughn’s, Superdawg. Also all the various junkfood places. Or a good beef place, maybe Jay’s. Where would you go?

One thought on “Where Would You go to Lunch?

  1. Glad you are home now! Take it easy and I wish you the best. As far as food goes, I am always super nuts over a good Chicago dog. So my vote is SuperDawg!

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