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Lt. Haynes and Chris Garlington co-hosted the hilarious and informative Dave & Chris Show! on WJJG am 1530 and online at The show is a political and topical free-for-all broadcast live from various cigar lounges and local pubs in Chicago and featuring live calls from all over the world and live drunks pretty much wherever we go. Our motto, discordia et fides, (IN ARGUMENT WE TRUST), is the guiding principle of each episode wherein Mr. Garlington tries, over and over again, to inject sense and reasoning into the clown fest of logic tumbling around in Dave’s brain.
Ostensibly, the show is designed around the idea that Dave, a former Republican committeeman and lifelong enthusiast for the GOP, and Mr. Garlington, a Democratic demagogue and lifelong student of the rhetorical arts, can have meaningful and resolute discussions of current politics without resorting to fisticuffs. It usually works.

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